The city’s first free lunch school settled in the North

in order to allow migrant workers and rural children in the noon time to eat a nutritious and delicious lunch, Chengbei District invested 793 thousand yuan to the area student nutrition meal plan, North dabuzi primary school will be fully completed the free lunch restaurant, which is the city’s first free school lunch.

It is reported that

, dabuzi primary school was founded in 2009, is the integration of teaching resources of 3 primary school near the north and south, Tao Tao Sunjiazhai, Bao Zhai, Jing Jia Wan, Yan Village 7 Village merged to form the school, because students live wide and more distributed to rural households in the city children and migrant workers the children, so the children can eat healthy and nutritious lunch has become the most concern for the parents, in order to solve the parents let the children here menace from the rear, as well as the city children have a healthy body, North District government construction site free lunch in the restaurant dabuzi primary school, restaurant building area of 316.13 square meters, divided into ordinary and Halal two stoves, can satisfy 1200 students eat at the same time, the free lunch standard school 6 yuan per person per day, the restaurant has started construction, is expected in July Meal, officially put into use in September. (author: a)