Sea lake area to build a new economic ship

following the Qinghai science and Technology Museum, Qinghai Grand Theater, sea lake sports center to become the future sea lake district landmark, xiadou, International Conference Center and the Qinghai science and Technology Museum, Qinghai Grand Theater surrounded by sea lake square, together form the core of the central area of the lake district.

November 19th, deputy director of the Lake District Management Committee Wang Jian told reporters, the second half of this year, the lake district has focused on the development of the Lake District Center, division of function and location of the central area of six kilometer by thinning out. The Lake District centre is located in the new center area, is in the office, entertainment, business and exhibition, tourism, housing and other functions as the leading city center integrates various functions of the modern, intelligent, ecological and composite area. Compared with other areas of the New District, is divided into A, B, C, D, E, F six districts of the central area of the prominent advantages of the area, the letters can also be based on the location of mutual cooperation and development.


area is located in the Center North District, adjacent to the Summer International Conference Center, with senior residential apartments, Segmen Hotel and hotel.

B area is located in the Central District Center, by the Qinghai science and Technology Museum, Qinghai Grand Theatre and xiadou international conference center around the lake square, form the core of the Lake District Central District, the region will also support a tourist Museum, a huanmu studios and Technology Square and art plaza. In this area, focus on building a comprehensive high degree of xiadou International Conference Center consists of five star hotels, office buildings and all kinds of conference and exhibition buildings set of meetings, travel, office, exhibition and other diversified in one, covers an area of 79 acres, the total investment of about 2 billion yuan.

C area is located in the central area on the west side, mainly in the headquarters and SOHO office, headquarters to provide production management center and economic accounting center for major enterprises, SOHO office will provide convenience for small business owners.

D with large commercial area, with an irregular walking in the 54 West Main Street, and the interface to set up a main square, the restaurant, bar, teahouse, ethnic customs performance art crafts shops, bookstores, shopping and other functions as the leading.

E area is located on the eastern side of the commercial center, the south side of the Qinghai Grand Theater, mainly composed of more than a dozen buildings consisting of buildings, and C area echoes to headquarters base, SOHO office.

F area is located on the south side of the central area, including two residential land and Traders Hotel and office based multi floor building, reflecting the concept of livable life.

Wang Jian said that the key to build Summer International Conference Center, is to rely on Qinghai’s unique natural environment, climatic conditions and China xiadou brand, meeting the economy into the new development plan, and starting from the planning and function area, meeting economic development goals of scientific and reasonable, the meeting with the development of the tourism industry with economy it highlights the new conference reception function, improve the province’s service level and ability of meeting. (author: Zhou Jianping)