Zero distance service

Xining city education practice from the small office to implement to the working party members into the community and village cadres to the countryside to work as a carrier, to guide the party members and cadres with feelings, with responsibility, with love deep rural communities, "zero distance" face to face communication, heart to heart communication with the masses, the masses of the alignment "micro aspiration" to carry out a variety of service activities, with the positive energy of a series of small things together in educational practice "".

cadre door "recognize relatives, 100%

collection of more than 500 micro wish

by Party cadres "research visit", deepening the rural community, and held a forum to take home visits and other forms of "zero distance", facing the difficulties of life within the jurisdiction of the masses of Party members, Empty Nester, left-behind children and other vulnerable groups to solicit opinions and sign in "micro aspiration" to help the masses "dream". At the same time, combined with the community party serving the business and the ability to set scientific and ideological and moral education, civil mediation, district public facilities maintenance, support entrepreneurship, coordinate employment, legal consultation, culture and sports service jobs, by Party members volunteered to claim the post, and signed a letter of commitment Lu Gang, dynamic tracking micro wish to claim the cash. Up to now the city’s various communities to collect the micro wish more than 500, of which more than 200 have been cashed.

for some individual party members claim difficult "micro aspiration, community execute group claim, the working party organization composed of" professional "volunteer service team, according to the arrangement of the volunteer community"". At present, the city’s community (neighborhood) to form a total of more than 100 branches of the working party volunteer service team, to provide electrical maintenance, specification of minors into Internet cafes, for area residents family education consulting service is closely related to the life of the masses and the use of spare time on the weekend. Some party members said, before and the neighborhood is not very familiar with, by joining the community volunteer service team, and neighbors’ zero distance ‘contact made a lot of friends, so that their lives become more abundant."