Su Rong stressed in Huangyuan research to build a fine management of safe campus

June 27th, Su Rong, deputy secretary of the Xining municipal education, food and drug supervision and management departments in charge of the city, accompanied by the education of Huangyuan. Su Rong stressed the need to fine management to build a safe campus environment, in particular, do a good job on campus food safety and personal safety of teachers and students.

Su Rong and his party went to Huangyuan County, second secondary schools, Chengguan Hui Primary School and wave Township Center School research, focusing on understanding the food safety management of boarding schools and teachers and students personal safety management. Each to a school, Su Rong have to look at the canteen health, school building, etc., and asked in detail about the standard of food for students living on campus. After listening to the relevant departments and the school’s report, Su Rong Huangyuan County boarding school campus food safety and personal safety management fully affirmed. At the same time, pointed out that the recent occurrence of campus food safety incident is a warning to everyone, is to pay more attention to do a good job of campus safety management. Su Rong stressed that food safety is currently is the priority among priorities in campus security work, from the source to ensure the quality of vegetables and food, perishable, serious pesticide residues in vegetables and food to avoid entering the campus. Ensure that the students eat hot meals every meal, while ensuring that each student is full. Leftovers to stop on the table again, the existence of food safety problems resolutely put an end to. In the food safety management and personal safety management to scientific development, and constantly improve, with the concept of refinement to make management more effective.

it is reported that the City Board of education will be introduced in the near future campus food safety management advice, boarding school student management practices, etc.. (author: Xu Shunkai)