To solve the two sessions of the six livelihood hotspots

how to break the bottleneck of Qinghai Lake tourism upgrade? How to integrate the development of pension institutions and medical institutions? How to solve the difficulty of admission, admission expensive problem? How to improve the difficulties of laid-off workers…… January 21st afternoon, the eleven session of the provincial people’s Political Consultative Conference of the three session of the panel. In the discussion, education, pension, tourism, employment, poverty and other livelihood hot spots in the "Difficult miscellaneous diseases" has become the focus of attention of the members, and the people’s livelihood "one by one" interrogation "Difficult miscellaneous diseases", a symptomatic prescription". Members have said that to participate in the two sessions, deeply heavy burden, responsibility, they will make full use of the proposal, speech and other forms, dedicated to perform their duties, suggestions.
[background] in our province has vast territory, special topography and complex climate, a long history and splendid culture, numerous nationalities, strong religious atmosphere, creating a rich and colorful tourism resources, is a prominent characteristic, quality elegant and potential superiority, it is not known the tourism resources of the "province" and "rich province".
[] phenomenon in recent years, the tourism industry in the Qinghai provincial Party committee and government attach great importance to and vigorously support, showing rapid development momentum. However, compared with the developed provinces in China, the development of the tourism industry is lagging behind, and the tourism indicators are still in a backward position in china. Especially including the Qinghai Lake tourism industry because of the lack of investment subject, idea is relatively backward, lack of development and utilization of resources, software and hardware construction of the whole can not keep up with the development of modern tourism industry, tourism product structure is too simple, the content of a single, can swim is not strong, the lack of composition of ecological tourism, cultural tourism, culture and sport tourism the many become "bottleneck transformation and upgrading of tourism in Qinghai Lake".
[suggestion] Qinghai provincial Revolutionary Committee recommendations: all levels of government to break the interests of curing pattern, promote the tourism market will be fully open to social capital, make the government set up the stage, singing the private "work; construction of high altitude touring car assembly production and operation base. Advise the government through the introduction of projects, capital, technology, in the green construction touring car assembly base, the new industrial zone and production service platform, to provide modern facilities support for eco tourism industry development in our province; Qinghai Lake traveling circle high standard planning, construction and health related cultural, sports, health and other supporting infrastructure facilities.
[] phenomenon in recent years, with the urgent need for high-quality preschool education of school aged children increased rapidly and the masses of the people, parents began the pursuit of "don’t let your children lose at the starting line" from preschool education, preschool education is like the beginning of a small rise in general is the phenomenon of school, preschool education resources;