Xining financial system clean government cultural week mobilization meeting held

8 the afternoon of 19 March 4:30, chaired by the Deputy Secretary of the board members of the party, comrade Sang Shue’s "Xining City Financial System Culture Week activities mobilization meeting" held in the conference room on the third floor of the Bureau, various departments (offices) responsible comrades attended the meeting. At the meeting, deputy director of the brief introduction of the "Cultural Week" program, and I work in the Cultural Bureau of the week for a clear deployment and detailed arrangements. Deputy director of the mulberry request: "everywhere (room) must attach great importance to this event, must be carefully organized all cadres and workers to actively participate in"; finally, mulberry Deputy Secretary stressed: "this event will be one of the priorities for our annual construction objectives and tasks, the completion of the work will be everywhere (room) and assessment at the end of the targets".