Since April 1st Xining city bus company 1 bus opened the student car

Students, please line up, in order to get on the bus." Yesterday, 12 am, Tao Yuan primary school teachers to guide students to take the bus No. 1. The difference between the 1 bus is that it only allows students to ride.

from April 1st onwards, the Xining public transport company 1 bus to open the student car, along with the primary school and the students of the middle school.

it is reported that all students who participate in the transfer of 1 buses are in a clear position to have a bus route student car signs. Students in the school car rush hour, the burden of students to focus on the task of sending students in order to shorten the time of travel.

1 bus lines set up a total of 4 students car. Taoyuan primary school two students each school peak hours to arrange a car, it is in the middle school Shen noon peak two students arrange car. It is understood that the main reason for this is to consider the primary school time is relatively fixed and a small number of people, so in the afternoon and evening rush hour set up a trip. In the evening peak hours and middle school middle school and high school Department of the school time is not the same, so the school at noon only Shen set up two student car.

1 road students in the school designated locations after receiving the students, will follow the normal line in each site along the stop, does not affect the normal public car.

welcomes students and teachers and students in the 1 way. A primary school teacher, said the students to provide students with a convenient car, but because it is not crowded on the station, the students ride more secure. The school will do its duty to allow students to abide by the order of the car, to protect the vehicle facilities, so civilized ride." Ms. Wang said the public, the establishment of a student car to allow students to ride more secure, convenient, parents do not worry.

city bus a branch of a team captain said, peak hours, students ride difficult, chasing the car phenomenon is serious, there are a lot of security risks. In order to solve the problem of students traveling, the city decided to open a bus company student car, to provide students with a safe and efficient driving environment. (author: Zheng Sizhe)