The police destroyed a number of gambling apparatus destruction gambling game machine confiscated 32

Qinghai news network April 29th, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau held a public destruction of gambling game site. On the spot the destruction of gambling game machine 324, confiscate gambling game machine circuit board 493, control 1244 props, 149 imitation guns, game coin 5000, obscene CD 296.

recently, the Xining Municipal Public Security Bureau arranged a centralized regulation and control of illegal crime and seized control of special rectification action. The key to reflect strong gambling game room remediation clean-up of the masses, with some gambling and gambling personnel, confiscated a number of gambling game machine function. At the same time, the focus of the investigation and control tools into the public entertainment service places of illegal personnel, seized a number of regulatory tools. Police in the Taining Kangle garden and other gambling games are more serious areas to investigate, on the spot seized a number of gambling games, circuit boards, and arrested a number of CANDU staff. The police confiscated and destroyed a powerful deterrent to the use of the function gambling game of gambling and other criminal activities, to combat some of the illegal use of illegal and criminal acts of gambling gambling functions consoles mob, curb the Xining game machine gambling illegal and criminal activities of the rise of the trend. (author: Wen Ling)