The restaurant is named elegant

a lot of Chinese people believe in some auspicious words, the same service, if a name is more festive, the store business may be much better. So, if you want to successfully open a restaurant, you want to make the restaurant business is more popular, the name of the restaurant also need to be elegant geely.

A. words to Geely

whether it is a person or shop, taking the name at the same time the subconscious is to meet people’s psychological desire and hope for a good. Usually a good word or a good omen is a favorite of most people. Who love peace auspicious, this kind of words China merchants for thousands of years, even if no new ideas, at least will never fail. Most of the traditional shops to shun, Guang, Feng, Xiang, this type of word, in order to discuss a pleasant auspicious.

was the Qing Dynasty scholar Zhu Shoupeng usually see a first name: "

" Qilv

Shun Yu Xing Rui Yongchang,

Yuanheng wanligao Fengxiang;


with lush Qiande.

Qian Ji Gongren dingguang Co.

poly benefits in the whole Yi Yi,

beauty Qing JiuHeng health;

Spring Festival is the production of a wide range of

Mart Hong Fu long to enrich.

just eight words, 56 words, contains rich meaning: the large amount (million, wide, large scale (HSBC); yuan, Thailand, Hong); smooth development (Heng and CO); Business Flourishes (Long Chang, Mao); the cause of persistent (long, constant, permanent things); (Gigli, Andrew, Rui Fu); fair credit (righteousness, benevolence) etc..

if you love to take a more traditional name, then I am afraid it is difficult to avoid the fifty words.


meaning to be elegant

meaning to the performance of quality first, customer first, social and economic benefits of combining the operating principle, therefore, the name should be elegant. Such as "Taibai restaurant", "Lu Yu view these historical celebrities named, reflects the operating history and rich management experience, can cause the customer respect and nostalgia, in order to attract guests to visit.

as "laosanjie restaurant" in a specific historical period as the name, in addition to the unique, is the name used to attract people who experienced this history.

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