The shop name from incomplete business

if your shop is full of five words, but because of the production of the problem, and finally left only the name of the three people do not understand, this will bring to your shop business problems? In the North Traffic and patrol police detachment at the northeast side of the shops along the street to do business, Mr. Tan called for help, half a year ago, according to the requirements of the unified change near the shop door, making a mistake or the company will, then the wrong font back again, but six months later, they head on the incomplete still vacant.

2 pm yesterday, reporters came to the road to see Sir Georg Solti, a unified installation shops along the street door, city Traffic and patrol police detachment of the northeast side, has four or five stores in the name of the people to see some rather baffling, "broth Museum", "Si cigarette and liquor vendor" and "the road of democracy soup"…… A family is more difficult than a family.

"my shop is Ming Ming smoke Hotel, next to the spicy soup shop, while the south is a beef soup shop……" The cigarette and liquor vendor Mr. Tan explained to reporters, at the end of last year, urban management for unified free replacement shops along the street door, can make the level of the company is too general, put his name in the "Ming" in "Ming", the next "hot soup" written "soup" and "beef broth." written in a "Museum of mutton soup". "We certainly don’t want to find a production company, redo, staff to take back the typo, half a year later, there is no answer. Now can not contact the production company, looking at the shop doorway rather baffling name, we know." Mr. Tan said.


connection, the reporter consulted the office of the focus of Quanshan district urban management bureau. A staff member said, as North Road shops along the street door to replace Sir Georg Solti unity is a key project in the last year, the project has already completed, after completion, they also left a regulatory advisory telephone, prevent what errors produced by the door, but no one has to reflect similar problems. For Mr. Tan and other shopkeepers reflect the problems, the staff said, will contact as soon as possible to start production company, incomplete shop name filled.

I believe a shopkeeper if any encountered such a should be after all is not happy, so, not only cannot read what is the business, but also may cause ambiguity, this long-term development is very unfavorable natural store. Of course, this is because of the negligence of the relevant staff, and we are in the name of the shop, it is natural to avoid this situation.