Su Hongda how to become a year from a hybrid to earn 500 thousand

earned five hundred thousand, even today, this is not a small figure, in China’s current environment, to achieve such a goal is not easy. Although a lot of successful people, but if it is from a job to develop such a goal, this is really hard to believe, the hero of this article to do. So, below, let Xiaobian take you to see how Su Hongda is from a hybrid to earn 500 thousand.

he is a loser, a liar, shopping malls on the deserter, nobody put him in the eye, because he did not want people with conditions. So, Su Hongda, how to rise head and shoulders above others. No cost of entrepreneurship, in the success of the road ahead, so that the company earns more than 500 thousand yuan a year? Su Hongda is not young, when he was 35 years old, is still a factory workers, the monthly income can only maintain a three life, also need to do some scattered wife sewing work for others, helping the family.

35, is a turning point in life, HTC day, he passed near home real estate brokerage firm, found inside employees dozing. At that time, building sale busy, just only the real estate company deserted, posted in front of building materials is also very few, with the company’s top make news.

HTC suddenly had an idea, think this is a good chance for rare, although he did not have enough money to engage in some small business, but the mother has the savings, he decided to talk with her. When he started his business, he cut the customer referral fee to a minimum, only half of his commission.

in addition, he adopted a "stalker" policy, not a waste of breath, for the customer to introduce for their house, until the last moment, the other side finally find their ideal house, he will not give up easily. Many customers come to the real estate companies want to buy houses, in fact, the heart does not know what idea, if the marketer to seize their psychological weakness, a matter of conscience for their service, customers will all depend on you, do not want to go to another company to buy the estate.

so, in fact, we are surrounded by opportunities everywhere, the key is to hold, so that they can really become the opportunity to become rich. So, look at the rich case of the Soviet Union, whether you will have feelings? If you want to start a business, how to find opportunities?