Suqian rural women’s employment has a special fund to help Entrepreneurship

is now in many areas for the government to the rural women’s entrepreneurial behavior also give some positive support, but also by some good government policies to help some women want to get rich through entrepreneurship to achieve a successful entrepreneurial goal.

7 20 days, reporters from the three meeting of the Standing Committee of the four session of the Suqian Municipal Women’s Federation (enlarged) meeting was informed that, in order to build a financial support platform, helping to promote women’s employment and entrepreneurship, the city budget allocated 1 million yuan to guide the establishment of funds, mainly for city life difficult but have entrepreneurial aspirations and can be put into practice project of rural women. Currently, there are 23 applications.

use range to support the female lead to create small micro projects, including: rural, breeding and processing, network business, agricultural cooperatives, retail trade and catering, medical services, family services, skills training and other projects. The application of the project is not more than 10 thousand yuan, according to the size of the project and the size of each item is not equal to the amount of.

for the Suqian city government issued such a good policy can not only accelerate and drive some of the local women entrepreneurs, and also can strengthen a people’s entrepreneurial enthusiasm, which will ultimately promote the rapid development of the local society and economy.


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