The choice of business prospects for chicken breeding

we usually eat chicken, chicken is a kind of very popular, its nutritional value is very high, so the price is more expensive than ordinary chicken, if you want to start breeding chicken, need to know the details, today Xiaobian bring this to black culture analysis the interests of the chicken.

[direction] now in China chicken more, mainly white silky fowl, yellow and black feather chicken etc.. The number of white feather chicken market accounted for more than 70%, the number of yellow chickens is about 20%, the number of black feather chicken accounted for about lo%. With the increase of black food consumption, black feather chicken sales are getting better and better in the market, the development of black bone silky black black meat is better; at the same time, some yellow feather chicken breeding varieties of market regulation is also necessary. The chicken sales to chickens, deep processing of chicken, increase the added value, will be promising.