Hua Yunlan started selling home snacks to achieve great success

although now do snack food is indeed a big market, if properly managed can also make money, however, the industry is also the case of countless cases of failure, the key is still need to find a good operating food. The wanderer, the taste of home is always the most beautiful. Living in Wuhan for many years in Yunnan Hua Yunlan, in the process of looking for the taste of home, inadvertently opened a door of wealth. Within 1 years, he opened hundreds of Yunnan snack shop in Hubei, Henan, Anhui and other places. "Small but beautiful food delicacy is very down to earth, I am a shop only the main push a explosion." Hua Yunlan said that during the year will open 300 to 500 stores, so that people all over the country can eat the most authentic Yunnan cuisine".

do home snacks

Chibian 1000 stores to find the "formula"

Hua Yunlan venture, began with "delicious".


Wuhan has delicious snacks, but Hua Yunlan still remember his hometown delicacy. Wuhan inclusive strong, there are many streets from Anhui, Sichuan, Xinjiang, Hunan and other places of the chain of food and beverage stores, but it is difficult to find a franchise franchise franchise Yunnan snacks." Hua Yunlan thought, where there is a blank, where there are business opportunities, why not the standardization of the production of home snacks, the introduction of Wuhan or even to the whole country?

said he would do it. In May last year, China has started its own small business.

in order to find the most authentic taste of Yunnan, Hua Yunlan has returned to his hometown, street drill lane, specifically looking for distinctive small restaurant. The peak period, he can eat 10 meals a day, often to a shop on the direct point of dozens of kinds of snacks, he began to feel embarrassed just a bite on the waste, every day to support fast moving feet. "At that time, every day I eat Jianweixiaoshi tablets." Here, he couldn’t help laughing.

3 months of market research, China Yunlan had Diao angle nearly 1000 restaurant, he eventually determined the direction of entrepreneurship.

from the beginning, he is located in Yunnan special snack chain store, "entrepreneurship must first find a good profit model, do the copy of the business, only standardized to reduce costs and improve efficiency."

however, it is not an easy task to standardize the production of these scattered folk snacks. Hua Yunlan told a story: once, he noodle formula of 5000 yuan to buy a shop owner, the other party has puzzled: "I am accustomed to readily grasp, there is no formula." So, China Yunlan specially to buy a steelyard, owner grab a little seasoning, he said, will this formula for the quantitative specification. To overcome the problem of standard formula, had to solve the food store recommended