How to retain more customers for your store

shop to do business, to attract more consumers is important, but retain more customers is the key to long-term profitability. Reduce customer churn rate, in a sense, is to attract customers from the side. How to retain more customers for your store? I believe there are many people in this distress, the following is to introduce a few strokes.

1, learn to stick to

2, two reasonable

first should be the rational allocation of energy, don’t neglect any one of a number of customers at the same time: the store customer service required, should be a rational allocation of energy, improve the turnover rate. The most important customer is the desire to buy, is to communicate the characteristics of the product, the customer is trying. But at the same time can not be left out of other customers, it can be said politely, "I’m sorry, you first look at their own, I help the customer to take a piece of merchandise, immediately back"; or on the side of product features, while the emergence of the customer into the store just nod and smile, show you first take a look at me "for a moment to come". Or take the time to greet customers in the future, "do you need any help? Please call me when you need it". Not to neglect any customer is the key to success.

second should be reasonable recommended products: to obtain the trust of customers, the customer is determined after the purchase of a commercial, should learn the rational underwear related products recommended, timely expansion of the customers to buy the product area of interest, such as asking whether to support the underwear "," whether to cotton and Lycra trousers, whether the "basic" functional plastic underwear "," and the new swimsuit (pajamas, underwear), good style, you will see, some of the goods available for special offer bargain, in the elevator, you are welcome to go there to see. ".

3, follow the three principles