College students return to the countryside to lead the rich legend

when people talk about business, investment, the first thought is to go to big cities. In fact, there are many business opportunities in rural areas. Now many college students will choose to return home business, most of them have created a staggering wealth, today we tell about the story of the two home business.

Unitary Zhen Ma Jia Cun, Longsheng County, Huayuan

"from dawn to dusk, live frugally, hard disk out of a college student. Did not think he came back to cattle, I was so angry that I can’t sleep sleep." Longsheng’s new father does not agree with the beginning of his breeding.

in his lead, the village has more than and 60 households, cattle, 20 more than the size of the 6 households. "Now to solve the problem of grassland construction. I hope the relevant departments to support the transfer of barren hills, grassland and expand the scale of farming, help more villagers’ income." Longsheng said.

"boss" when the "village official"

however, in March 2014, he was in peace as a "village". A multi million "boss" ran back as one small corner "village", some people really do not understand, "come back in the end figure what?" Ma Shaochi’s answer is very simple, "a lot of the stockade changes, can we even a decent village houses are not. We are small we are not bad, I get back together and we have no money, money, hard three years!"

"township and county, soil in the field, he is busy from morning to black." Old Secretary Kim said longchang. Since last year, Ma Shaochi has raised about 1000000 yuan, the new group of new road hardening, 1050 meters, 1600 meters into the family way, recommended