Hefei will create a double zone


Hefei as a central city in the development of these years the speed is very fast, but in recent days, Hefei has successfully selected the national "two" demonstration city, Hefei foot work in promoting the whole community innovation is.

"speed up" innovation, transformation and upgrading "development, practical and dependable growth and adjust the structure of unity, grasp the innovation and grasp industry combine to grasp transformation and catch the market subject interactive, policy support to increase the construction of innovation platform to breakthroughs in key areas to focus on the industry. Create innovative atmosphere, arouse the passion for entrepreneurship, innovation and entrepreneurship boom set off further." Shortly before the convening of the 10 meeting of the Hefei Municipal Committee, the provincial Party committee, party secretary Wu Cunrong said that the 9.

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the industrial added value in the first half of the growth rate rose steadily, the growth rate reached 12%, respectively, higher than the national, the province’s 5.7 and 3.3 percentage points.

The first half of the

let "micro" change "Jack"