Need to pay attention to what the business details open noodle

opened a noodle shop, the location is important? Businesses have been aware of the importance of the site, but sometimes it will inevitably fall into a vicious circle, can not see the reality of investment. Today Xiaobian to share a case, I hope to help the franchisee clear this issue, we should pay attention to what business problems.

In fact, the original A

A the boss by two to eliminate the diners concerns: the first is that the chopsticks has been cooked in boiling water, you want to eat noodles when cooked in the pot out from hot chopsticks to; second is the bowl Sheng also has been cooked, when they come to here, and all the dishes in a day is used only once, do not reuse. Unlike some noodle bowl under the tap, and bring the noodles. Love cheap psychological ten cheap nine love, is each ordinary consumers very careful in reckoning their heart. To say this A noodle face especially delicious really can not say. Although the surface is not very good, but it is not the kind of poor, nor is just perfect, taste it.