Man cheated 1 million 50 thousand telecommunications fraud need vigilance

telecommunications fraud has been exposed, but there are still a lot of people accidentally caught. Last year, Beijing Fangshan a man was cheated by a phone call 1 million 50 thousand, too late to regret. Once again remind the masses in the face of telephone calls to provide or enter the account and password, vigilance, not sure to call 110.

"I heard the frozen assets face anxious, let the police trying to help bear." Mr. Zhao recalled, Xiong police officer said he could help contact the director of a notary office to help deal with. Mr. Zhao contact with Guo, Guo asked Mr. Zhao to provide all of his account and the amount of the account, and said the first deposit of his account to turn away, and then deposit back. Subsequently, Mr. Zhao in accordance with the requirements of Kwak, a series of operations on the computer.

liar 5 turn away 1 million 50 thousand