Take you into the China Chinese willow Township in Funan County

often hear people talking about the folk master this sentence, it does not see our willow people know this is true, after their hands every piece of willow products seem vivid, it is a fine arts and crafts! See the Anhui city of Fuyang province Funan County willow worker Liu Fugui, he is holding a the root of willow, is sitting on a stool woven wicker basket. The valuables with his hand back and forth with wicker, soon, a wicker basket shape appeared.

after soaking, coloring, painting, drying and other processes more than 10, the wicker be shipped directly from abroad, since then, wicker and its "brothers" started a world tour".

is known as "Chinese willow township" of Funan County, willow planting can be traced back thousands of years, has reached 500 years of weaving history. In 2011, Funan County Huanggang willow was included in the Chinese intangible cultural heritage.

Anhui Huayu group Arts & Crafts Co. Ltd. chairman Wang Wenzhong Huanggang willow is a national non genetic order, he then carries 70 yuan to go out to work, now back to business driven thousands of farmers were fairly rich, the company annual sales exceeded billion yuan in the story has become a legend in the local.

Anhui Huayu group Arts & Crafts Co. Ltd. the "company + base + farmers + broker" mode of operation, driving more than 7000 local farmers engaged in willow production and processing, production of nearly 20000 kinds of products, exported to South Africa, Europe, the Middle East and Hongkong and other more than and 80 countries and regions. The company has opened a multinational Direct Selling Company in California.

Wang Wenzhong said, Funan willow after development and transformation over the years, from the traditional industrial transformation and development in order to include willow willow, grass, rattan, iron, cloth, editor, mixed willow culture industry, raw materials from the previous single osier1 development to willow, grass, bamboo, rattan, iron, tree more than and 20 a variety of sources of raw materials from the original Funan native to the Dabie Mountains in Anhui Province, Shandong, Henan and other places in mountainous areas.

Wang Wenzhong, in recent years, the company actively participate in overseas exhibitions, with the "Internet plus", based on the consolidation of existing markets, and actively explore the ASEAN, Africa and other overseas markets.

it is understood that the existing Funan County willow culture enterprise 156, 96 enterprises have export record, 2015 to achieve exports $260 million, has become the largest China willow culture industry export base.

at the end of August this year, Funan County in the wood processing up to 140 thousand the number of people. According to estimates, Funan County willow culture output accounted for 35% of exports of similar products China. In the development of willow industry at the same time, Fu Jian