Successful operation of maternal and child supplies store location need to pay attention to a few po

national two-child policy carried out, also let a lot of industry very quickly, the baby industry is so, now the demand is very large, with the improvement of people’s living standard, the baby industry has a broad market space for development. But the novice shop will encounter this or that problem, and not so smooth. Site selection is one of the most difficult problems. So, maternal and child supplies shop should be how to choose?

summary, pregnant baby store location to pay attention to the following:

1. maternal and child shop location can be in the vicinity of the maternal and child hospital or the market, supermarkets or large communities, compared with the clothing store, the key to running a mother and child shop is operating repeat customers. Maternal stores can also choose to open in the mixed residential and commercial area, choose the shop when not under the bridge, do not choose a fast track or a oneway street, not far from the sidewalk on the street, don’t choose to shop there is no sidewalk in front of the store.

shop is the ideal shape of a rectangular or square, rectangular shop depth of not more than 20 meters, width shall not be less than 3 meters. If you want to do or maternity clothing, baby crib, store area to be slightly larger, at least 40 square. (for reference only) 2 convenient transportation, do not have to open in the street on the road, at least according to customer leaflets above address to find your shop, can be found easily, then the car to be able to open to the front of the shop, purchase back near the bus station is also convenient, the best.

3. analysis of nearby residents and consumer groups, the key is to look at the total population near the newly married couples, unmarried young adults, pregnant women, and have the baby’s family proportion, the birth of a baby is a rough estimate, from pregnancy to children 1 years old, in maternal stores consumption 3000 – 8000 yuan (not milk), calculated according to the average of 5000 yuan per person, then you can from a pregnant woman who earn 5000× 25%=1250 yuan, that is if you can hold at least 50 customers will not lose money.

The best

4. count the flow of people in front of the shop, not only to see the size of the flow and to analyze the quality of the people, the area is still passing, the potential consumers of these people proportion, consumption ability and so on.

5. if you want to carry out online ordering, catalog ordering, telephone orders door-to-door, should pay attention to the installation location of cable and telephone, express convenience (usually express is pick up, several courier companies mainly is Shen Tong, tact, in the pass, SF).


6. signed the contract must pay attention to, write clearly the default clause, whether or not allowed to sublet (about the best can be leased, even if you do not transfer out, generally at least can also receive thousands of commendation