Top ten brands of cigarettes

although the relevant smoking ban has been carried out in a wide range of cigarettes, however, has always been a very broad market, and the market is a very famous brand of rapid development. Moreover, the cigarette has a long history, a senior cigarette from the tobacco baking is good and the. A good cigarette brand is passed down through the history of the deposition. Now Xiaobian for everyone to introduce the top ten brands of cigarettes list.

cigarette ten brands list NO.1, China: was born in 1951, Shanghai city famous trademark, flue-cured tobacco, Shanghai tobacco Refco Group Ltd.

cigarette ten brands list NO.2, Hongta mountain: Hongta Tobacco Co., Ltd., established in 1956.

ten cigarette brand rankings: NO.3, Yunyan began in 1955, Yunnan tobacco, Yunnan tobacco smoke produced earlier in the use of a single formula, large state-owned companies operating across the region, HongYunHongHe group.

ten cigarette brand rankings: NO.4, who began in 1994, subordinate to the State Tobacco Monopoly Bureau, the first domestic senior cigarette brands, all tobacco goods suppliers, Hunan tobacco industry limited liability company.

ten cigarette brand ranking NO.5, Yellow Crane Tower: Yellow Crane Tower brand was founded in 1930s, is one of the famous Hubei province tobacco. The rapid development of Yellow Crane Tower brand, has become one of the famous Chinese, Yuxi, Furong Wang of China’s senior cigarette brand.

ten cigarette brand ranking NO.6, Double Happiness: founded in 1906, a large state-owned company wholly owned China tobacco company, in the domestic leading position occupation cigarette, Guangdong tobacco industry limited liability company.

ten cigarette brand ranking NO.7, Abba Liqun: founded in 1960, the Chinese old brand, famous brand of cigarettes. Zhejiang Tobacco Industry Co., Ltd., which is a large-scale tobacco industry company with the production and sale of tobacco products.

ten cigarette brand ranking NO.8, Su smoke ten cigarettes, ultra high-end shopping malls famous brand cigarette, tobacco industry focus of the nationwide brand, dedicated to the development and production of the tobacco company, Jiangsu tobacco industry limited liability company.

ten cigarette brand ranking NO.9, Johnson: occupation domestic cigarette brands, the tobacco industry in the first provincial tobacco company, ten cigarettes, Sichuan Chongqing tobacco industry limited liability company.

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