Qingyuan Qingxin district is committed to women’s employment services

once the rural women only in the home side of the farm while taking care of the family, the income is still relatively low. Now with the deepening of the policy forces, the government led the majority of rural women to start a business to become rich, open a new career in rural women.

Jian’an housing, to a poor mother

the day before 4 pm, the drizzle is still in the door, the corridor has been contaminated. Jin Tan Zhen Tang Xiaoling took the tools at the door cleaning, her extra care on the house.

it is reported that Linda decoction is a poor single mothers, usually rely on subsistence planting and selling vegetables at home. According to her introduction, she lived before the mud house, every rainy day will have to take Water Leakage, then water basin, such as the stormy weather is the fear of the collapse of the housing. She is dying for a new house.

according to the District Women’s work 5 years of planning, the future will continue to integrate resources, build a platform, and actively carry out the employment training, entrepreneurship refers to recommend