Two boss opened a bean curd shop business secret 13 years ago

A dish on the table

often occurs that is tofu, tofu tastes is very smooth, so many people love to eat tofu, in addition there are many other eat tofu, tofu shop is popular, we often patronize the place, there are three such business people the tofu shop every day is a long line of the team, let’s take a look together!

, tofu into folk techniques, spread overseas: the Tang Dynasty monk Jian Zhen east to Japan, the Song Dynasty was introduced into Korea, eighteenth Century in Europe, after being introduced into North America, Africa, has gradually become the world’s popular food. Tofu is rich in calcium, iron and other trace elements and 8 kinds of essential amino acids, not only rich in nutrients, but also recognized as the world health care green food. Today, tofu hot has swept the world.