You have to be familiar with these principles

is not important for entrepreneurship is a important utterly ignorant of, entrepreneurs can actively learn from the business intelligence for their own use, rather than blindly bulkhead venture. Entrepreneurs want to succeed in business, there are five principles can not be ignored, the main content in the following, please read carefully.

first principles:

out of your office

second principles:

start-ups and established companies a key difference is that such a fact: "never tell startups is the only way which must be passed to fail."

in the design and development of product features, sales of words make a series of activities such as product prices, you will run dozens or even hundreds of qualified test, you must be prepared to accept failure, and move on. When a problem occurs, the successful founders will immediately investigate the new facts, identify the issues that need to be modified, and then act quickly.

third principles:

Learn how to use

business model

in the implementation process of the customer development process, start-up companies can use the business model canvas as a scorecard, assuming content in each module on the cloth paste, and then collected according to the fact of that modified founder. You can imagine the first edition of the business model canvas as a starting point for the customer development process, which is filled with the assumptions needed to communicate with the customer to verify. With the support of the customer’s business model assumptions and questioned, the enterprise can accept the customer’s identity, or timely adjustment of business model, in order to better tap the opportunity.

Fourth principles:

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