South Beauty on high end dining areas to explore the road of O2O

well-known domestic food and beverage enterprises, is the choice of diners who have a delicious tongue. South Beauty Restaurant in Beijing since May 20, 2000, the first CBD International Trade Center, after years of accumulation and development, and accept the CDH inject about 200 million yuan in 2008 to November this year, South Beauty Restaurant has spread over 15 provinces in the country 74 restaurants 22 city, is currently the leading high-end restaurant chain.

2010 with the rise of buying and mobile Internet gradually warming, the food and beverage industry in the Internet offensive is also gradually moving towards the end of the network integration. South Beauty fusion being slightly late, to early 2012, the company level before the official net South beauty". This paper will start from here, the reader the thick line two years combing South Beauty net course and experience.