Some skills of environmental creative products

environmental protection is now the creative products to join some entrepreneurial choice, to master the operation of the appropriate method of the right shop, it is very important for entrepreneurs, for environmental protection and creative products franchise growth, want their own environmental creative products stores to get more applause, so must the management method master of environmental creative products stores the.

1. source. Whether big or small brand brand, whether it is high-end or low-end goods or goods, whether it is odd. Only to enrich the supply source, is enough to make creative products stores following environmental choice, according to the environmental protection to creative products to join the local store consumption characteristics, adjust the distribution scheme is the best.

2. logistics network. A small environmental creative product stores to reduce business risk, in addition to scientific distribution, but also scientific stockpile. In the case of environmental protection and creative products flow is relatively large, environmental creative products stores can not hoard a lot of products, so the platform should be able to ensure the timely supply of environmentally friendly creative products stores. So a stable logistics system is one of the links to build this platform.

3. knowledge system. In front of the environment has been talking about the function of cultural products output. This is an important aspect of environmental protection creative products stores, but also an important aspect of this platform. This knowledge system includes a complete set of cultural system from environmental protection creative product expertise to environmental creative product cultural knowledge and environmental creative product marketing knowledge.