Wei Yongrong about commodity display what skills

many shopkeepers in the daily operation of the process, because the experience of how to operate with their own views. For such experienced operators, they can teach the experience will naturally be more entrepreneurs to learn. So, how to do the work of commodity display? Let Xiaobian to introduce the views of Wei Yongrong.

my name is Wei Yongrong, my "Xinrong business department" opened in Yizhou Erqiao Road West Development Zone, an area of more than and 60 square meters, is a convenience store, the main business department, daily necessities and tobacco. Before the bridge road around just one store, it’s good business. Last year in front of shops built into a new train station road, convenient transportation, the flow of people is much, but around a new two convenience stores, in the fierce competition in the same industry, my business is getting more and more difficult.

in the help of the guidance of the customer manager and their own exploration, I carry out a vivid and scientific display of goods. Carefully after the transformation, vivid and scientific products ever-changing display attracted new and old customers attention, stimulate customers to buy, I shop business is getting better and better, income has been greatly improved than before. For the display of goods, I summed up the following experience, with the retail industry to share.

products to allow customers to see

I opened a convenience store, the customer into the store, the first thought is that there is no want to buy goods, then the display of goods is particularly important. In the past, I lack the concept of commodity display, the goods are placed in disorder, I feel that in anyway, in the store, which would like to put which, no matter whether the customer can see. After the customer manager’s guide, I have every kind of merchandise are affixed with labels, name and price of commodity information, and positive customers, so that customers can see a commodity, like in my shop to stay for a while, of course, the transaction opportunity is greater.

goods to let customers find

before I returned to the store after the goods are casually put on the shelf, anyway, only a store around me, customers can not find the goods to buy the general will take the initiative to ask me. Since a lot of shops around, some customers into the store can not find the goods they want to buy and then quietly left, so I lost a lot of customers.

in order to retain customers, I be arranged display of goods on the shelves, and let not leave space to the customer commodity rich, pick a good impression, to attract customers’ attention.

in order to make it easier for customers to identify the location of the goods, I posted simple signs prominently above the shelf, indicating what goods placed in what position, let the customer have a general understanding of the store all the goods on display, want to.