What are the details of the small cashier to enhance store sales

any entity shop has a cashier, and how to design the cashier, what details, which will have a great impact on store sales. Watsons stores all over on both sides of the Changjiang River is a good place for girls, when shopping. In the popularity of Internet shopping today, the performance of its line stores are still steady rise, which is worth thinking about the commercial thinking of cigarette retail customers and learn from. We can take this part of Watsons’s cash register but it is very important to find some of their own stores can learn from.

details of a: Cashier’s user-friendly design

Watsons checkout is very special, height of 1.2 meters, it is said that this is the customer the most comfortable height at the time of payment; in each cashier window is provided with a groove, is specially convenient for customers to pay at the time placed the shopping basket; some small shelf device at the cashier, put some portable goods the stimulus to buy.

humanized design is the most special Watsons cashier, for cigarette retail stores, this is equally important. The cigarette as a relatively expensive commodities, in retail stores generally placed in the cashier at the cabinet, or directly on the checkout counter, customers can see at the time of payment, so the cashier design is particularly important.

Can learn from the Watsons design

cigarette retail store cashier, set the height, make the customer feel comfortable at the time of payment; making a cigarette display and cashier functions of a counter, and the counter placed prominently in the shop; the cashier around some small convenience measures, such as placing some shopping the basket, brochures and other goods brand information, promotional information; can display some collocation cigarette sales goods checkout, such as lighters, chewing gum, let the customer see these goods to increase the desire to buy.

details of the two: the cashier’s merchandise display

in Watsons in the promotion, has maintained three super special offers, customers over 50 yuan in disposable shopping can add 10 yuan to buy one, so the three commodities in the cashier placed in front of the customer, at the time of payment, the cashier will recommend to the customer in the appropriate promotional merchandise time, let the customer feel the benefits.

cigarette display is equally important for management. Watsons’s promotional practices, although not all of the retail retail shops copied to apply, but some suitable marketing methods can be used for reference. For example, the purchase of goods can be added N yuan X yuan to buy some goods.

display of cigarettes in, can also according to the customer’s smoking habits around, the most concentrated display the same grade cigarette brand will be the main push of the season; the cigarette placed in the striking position, and stick the label; press >