How to avoid the indirect cost of food and beverage

we all know that the operation of a restaurant belonging to their own, the cost of the cost is our immeasurable. Only better control costs, we can earn more profits. So, the choice of food and beverage business, how to save the indirect costs of the kitchen?

how to join?

, for example, in water saving, can be divided into sub file stalls management. With a total water meter in the kitchen stove, fry, chopping board, water table, pastry, cold dishes stalls with water table. The chef takes turns on duty, records the data of each water meter at the end of the day, calculates the amount of the day, and signs by the chief chef. Second days to go to work, the chef on duty the same day to check the data on the water meter, if found due to aging equipment and other issues caused by water leakage, it will promptly contact the relevant departments to adjust to avoid waste. The main control is on the actual amount of the day. For example, under normal circumstances, the kitchen meter total amount of 20 tons, and one day the actual amount is 25 tons, if you exclude the day a large reception activities such as increasing water content may be that there is serious waste in the kitchen. This need to check the water consumption of each stall, tracing the reasons for rectification, and the parties to punish, to prevent similar problems from happening again. In this way, each employee will Houchu attention to water conservation, making full use of water, with water cleaning cloth hand washed dishes, and then used to clean the floor. After a period of time, the amount of water into the kitchen into the normal range, will save more than 10% of the original water consumption.

for easy consumption, dosage is not easy to control items, such as detergent, etc., can be used on time, quantitative distribution control. The use of the process should not be used to borrow each other, if it is in the specified time ahead of time, on their own to buy up. This can not only save the amount of such items, but also allow employees to supervise each other, to develop a good habit of conscious thrift.

when we effectively improve the utilization of the kitchen, it is equivalent to improve the interests of the restaurant. Only in this way, we can make better money!