The disabled guy open shop to earn 4 million years married female college students

as the saying goes, it is difficult to start a business, but in the face of life, it seems that what is not difficult to do more and more people with disabilities to join the ranks of entrepreneurs to come. They have made their own career with their strong willpower. A disabled guy from Shaoxing, his entrepreneurial story is very ordinary, but also very good.

and he also won the 29 by virtue of unremitting self-improvement, Shen heart of female college students. The reporter learned from the provincial federations, now has a growing number of disabled people in our province by the open shop, get rid of poverty and live a good life.

recovered after Chen Xiaoliang, looking for work around the wall, even once the basic livelihood are untenable.

in 2006, after a friend pointing to Taobao online, Chen Xiaoliang opened a shop for a living. However, at that time, Chen Xiaoliang never touched a computer, for the shop, he is a bit of a daze.

He lent a friend out of

money installed a broadband, registered user name, Chen Xiaoliang day and night to practice typing with the only active left hand, spend all day in online learning.