Small meat Chinese aunt taught square dance can also teach Entrepreneurship

small meat word fire, it seems little meat and no square dance association, and the little meat took dance for ten years, depending on teaching Chinese aunt who jumped square dance to get rich, it sounds unbelievable!

I can not be the opposite of sunshine, handsome young and square dance together, but in fact, he has to square dance for ten years


The local

was born in Fengjie County of Chongqing City, an ordinary rural family after just dancing, this dream is very extravagant.

Town, not a dance training institutions, schools have no dance courses. Hope to compromise, bow to the dream, seems to be the fate of rural children to obey. After just still go to school to study, and students frolic…… And so the day goes by.

"second night, imperceptibly, yourself and go to the square there." So, just started his square dance tour.

Town "dam dance", most of the young people in the eyes of simple boring and ugly, but in the heart is constantly pouring out just after joy, "move along with the music, very happy".

2008 in the summer, when the whole nation are for the Olympic Games in cry, Albert had just dropped out of school and migrant workers! The poor families, the result is not ideal…… He has become a reason to give up his studies, he came to Chongqing, and his sister in Chaotianmen wholesale clothing.

When the