Using price strategy to guide customers to pay attention to product value

under normal circumstances, customers to buy products, the first concern is the price of the product, rather than the value of the product. If customers only pay attention to the price, it will bring problems to most companies and enterprises. Once the company began to price war, consumers will be higher expectations of low prices, many factors are indifferent.

1, adjust the pricing structure. The first way to reduce consumer price sensitivity is to attract them to pay attention to the value of the product or service. To do this, you have to adjust your pricing structure, which is the basis for pricing. According to Goodyear tire mileage pricing, the pricing structure of their fundamentally changed.

2, deliberate premium. Stimulate the curiosity of customers by deliberately premium. Apple Corp’s case shows that a moderate premium, so that the price of the product is usually higher than the customer is willing to pay a higher price, will stimulate customer thinking.

3, the price segmentation. By dividing the price to attract customers to pay attention to the key advantages of the product. IKEA sets the table and table legs separately to remind customers of product assembly.

4, unified pricing. When a customer wants to choose between a variety of products for different tastes, we can use the last strategy to develop a single price, the customer price sensitivity into a competitive advantage. All products should be uniform pricing in this case, because it will encourage customers to choose the best meet the needs of their products, they will compare the various products with the sale of the business, in order to save money and not try to lower their requirements.