Lingerie store dressing room how to design better

is every woman underwear not small personal clothing, good quality underwear always makes women very popular, doing business, in the past, buy underwear directly according to the size to buy on line, and now the underwear store has a fitting room, for consumers to try again after the buy. Lingerie store dressing room to a certain extent, enhance the sales, increase profits, is a very good set up shop. So, how to design lingerie store dressing room?

attention to privacy issues

when everyone in the trial fashion underwear go through not the show stage, so the design of the dressing room should focus on privacy concerns.

two room area is not too small

underwear store dressing room design? The fitting room is to provide service for all consumers, do not make fat customers feel shame.

three room decoration is not too shabby

a lot of people want to try when bra underwear can not out of the mirror, so the dressing room is best fitted with a mirror, so the effect is not good when to wear bra underwear will not be seen by someone else.

The design of the

fitting room is very important, directly affect the guests for this store experience, so I hope you can pay more attention in the design of the time, the underwear store dressing room space should not be too high, but do not be too small, because some people are relatively large, too small space will make people feel stuck. In addition, the dressing room in the decoration should consider the customer is comfortable to use, whether or not the light is able to bring out the obvious effect.

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