What are ten years can 30 million of the profits of project

over the past few years, the Internet entrepreneurs, can be said to be barbaric growth, people make a lot of noise in the people. If you want to earn 30 million in the first year of at least 1 million, because of the growth of wealth, as long as they are a little more rational, not the same as in the year, will show a significant growth trend in.

the profits of the project, often with people’s desires and worries, because human life is constantly to meet the desires and get rid of the trouble.

the profits of the project can be attributed to:

1, men lewd class

but in law Chinese is limited to, but you also have a lot to meet men lust products, such as "energy-saving" products, improve self image, adult erotic, impotence and other sexual enhancement drugs. In fact, China’s hotel industry is also a deep revenue.

2, women’s beauty class

with Amy related industry advertising, TV, subway, almost get in by every opening, newspapers, web portal, Baidu bid, they never stingy advertising, because so many women, beautiful women, all have drawbacks, such as age, the pursuit of beauty is endless.

3, children’s puzzle

4, the elderly health class