What are the key learning methods of English Enlightenment Education

now, education has become the focus of attention of many families, especially for English learning, so many parents headache, after all, is not the mother tongue, learning will certainly be some difficulties. So, how to let the child received a better English Enlightenment? Make it easier for them to learn?

A, phonics

teaching method in weapon. It is not only in English speaking countries children learning English pronunciation and spelling, reading comprehension ability and improve teaching methods, is for beginners to learn English pronunciation rules and spelling skills in English as second language.

two, game teaching and educational psychology combined with the new breakthrough of

three, the children’s favorite, the drama teaching

The teaching method of

every teacher is not the same, but in order to give children a better English learning, let the children love English, don’t think that is a burden, you need to provide better ways of learning for children, hope that their English learning more smoothly.

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