What are the latest venture projects in 2013

for entrepreneurs, they all want to know a problem, that is, in what is the latest project. In order to relieve your doubts, small make up for you to sort out this article, take you together to share the latest venture in 2013.

2013 latest venture: Car maintenance shop

2013 latest venture: home improvement building materials store

at present, China’s residential decorative decoration industry has become an important pillar industry in national economy, every family decoration decoration supplies consumption and consumption are very large numbers. Open stores fly it? Home improvement industry to carry out chain operations officially started in 2001. Fly to join the project, at present, China’s home improvement industry chain has not yet formed a complete sense of the specification, the entire home improvement market is still in a relatively backward, chaotic market structure.

Join the project,

2013 latest venture: real estate agency