Shantou real money to support their own businesses

a society wants to better develop entrepreneurship, you need to find ways to attract some entrepreneurial talent to join, the introduction of some good entrepreneurial policies, the only way to better stimulate the enthusiasm of the whole entrepreneurial.

in the optimization of entrepreneurial environment, encourage and support more workers to start their own business, the municipal government issued a series of "real money" preferential measures. Including: promoting entrepreneurship education to encourage Shantou general higher education, occupation schools, technical colleges, the annual training of 30 teachers, entrepreneurship training subsidies 8000 yuan per person in the teacher training program; reduce the threshold for registration of start-ups, the full implementation of the first photo card, the registered capital subscribed, the main market annual filing system; for start-up enterprises and institutions of the service fees and all kinds of administrative examination and approval and mandatory pre assessment, testing, demonstration and other professional services, are not higher than the price administrative department approved standard 50% class charge; and license management, administrative fees and dues to the union of start-ups free registration.

entrepreneurs apply for small loans, to absorb employment, but also to get some subsidies. In the city of Shantou within the scope of independent entrepreneurship and partnership or start a small business, can be registered to guarantee recommended designated management location of the social sectors