What factors do you want to choose

choose a suitable service object, we need to start from more aspects, so that the service object will be more high-quality. The retail customers and suppliers is a mutually beneficial, complementary, win-win cooperation. It is important for us to choose an ideal and qualified supplier.

first, to investigate the quality of the products supplied by the supplier. Look at the quality of the product identification, production date, production address, etc.. Depends on the supplier’s delivery of bills and procedures are complete. Regular and orderly purchase channels, excellent product quality is a good starting point for the operation.

second, to investigate the marketable products. The consumption characteristics of each region are different, which requires us to carefully examine the surrounding residents of the consumer characteristics and consumer preferences, according to the standard, to choose the reasonable goods and suitable suppliers. Only choose the right suppliers, our business and development will be full of vigor and vitality.

again, to investigate whether the supplier management and after-sales service concept is in place. Only the long-term vision, the overall situation of the supplier is able to win the trust of our retail customers. The perfect product quality, rich product category and impeccable customer service service, is our operators as a basis to choose supplier’s standard.

what kind of suppliers to choose, and their own quality of goods and store the latter has a direct relationship. Therefore, the supplier only in product quality and customer service service sectors to do fine, do not focus on "in the management and service sectors" small business loss ", focus on the long-term, even open, in order to win more and more managers favor and favor. Only if the cooperation between the operator and the supplier is pleasant, the two can get more lasting and extensive development.