How to innovate the development model of logistics driven economy in Suining

with the advent of the Internet, our consumption patterns have undergone significant changes, not only affects the majority of urban areas, but also has a profound impact in rural areas. In recent years, Suining provincial Party committee in accordance with the "advantages, drying characteristics, at the forefront of the province and the Suining province into the modern service industry agglomeration area requirements, and strive to build modern logistics base and the Chengdu Chongqing Economic Zone regional logistics center, logistics innovation driven economic development mode, promote the rapid development of logistics industry in Suining science.

2016 in the first half of this year, the city completed the whole society highway freight turnover 22 tons km, an increase of 8.2%, the completion of the whole society km total transport turnover 2 billion 280 million tons km, an increase of 2%, the postal business volume of 160 million yuan, an increase of 0.8%. The city has a total of more than 230 logistics enterprises, of which access to the "Sichuan key logistics enterprises" title of the 16.

economy in the rapid development, although the geographical location of some of the more remote, but know how to use their own strengths to play their own characteristics, often will achieve significant results. On the road of Suining logistics innovation driven economic development model, Suining also won the "national circulation of modern logistics demonstration city" and "China logistics demonstration base" and "national modern service industry logistics industry base" as a national name card.

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