How can small and medium sized supermarkets to operate better

in addition to various large supermarkets, in which we live, there is also a very large number of small and medium sized supermarkets, perhaps because of the fierce competition, also perhaps is the profit is not ideal, many small and medium-sized supermarkets have embarked on the road is closed. So, how can small and medium-sized supermarkets to operate better? Run more long?

"51" over the past few days, when I once again visit the home is located in a living area of Guangzhou city supermarket, turned out to be "empty iron general door, put up the shutters. This area of more than 3000 square meters of the size of the middle of the supermarket, from the opening to close the door, but after 4 years of time, but not more than two years. It closed, let me as loyal consumers, inevitably some regret.

actually, it’s a matter of time before the supermarket closes. It opened less than a year, within a radius of 2 km, in addition to the original lotus, has appeared in two other supermarket Carrefour and trust mart. In the three large supermarkets, low price strategy can satisfy the customers one-stop shopping, and bus service encirclement, plus the lack of innovative thinking, the supermarket service lag and management and other reasons, it is doomed to end it.

is the survival of the fittest ruthless natural law, hope this supermarket to put up the shutters those who are engaged in small and medium-sized supermarket managers to bring more thinking.

precise positioning is to enhance the core competitiveness of the foundation

in the impression of the author, the operation of the mature large supermarket multi site on the verge of downtown business district, bustling lot of traffic and purchasing power, enough to make any business heart. If the small and medium-sized supermarkets into these tend to be the frontier for retail giant rush, in their product range and service standards, sufficient funds are not innate weaknesses, for small and medium-sized supermarkets, is often closed.

I think that, compared to the bustling business district, small and medium-sized supermarkets should belong in secondary residential area relatively isolated, this region provides a good soil for the survival of such Supermarket: one is because the isolated secondary residential area compared to the bustling commercial area people sparse, traffic is not limited a large supermarket is also interested, do not fill the huge appetite, and high mobility of small and medium sized supermarkets, according to the specific circumstances of the reasonable control area and the number of product categories, do according to local conditions; two is compared to the bustling commercial district domain, small and medium-sized supermarkets can according to the geographical location, the reasonable design of store size and decoration costs do the products flexible pricing, to reduce operating costs, improve the input-output ratio.

do not promote the low price as the core competitiveness of

in my opinion, the core competitiveness of small and medium supermarkets is actually a variety of knowledge