Dai Zhiqing 8000 yuan venture with a return of 4 times a hundred times

some people is very old, but still all day without a single success, have been mediocre life, some people at a young age but has made great progress, successfully won the first pot of gold in life, we can learn a lot of valuable experience in their body, to walk into this story today the.

do judgment and the ability of marketing to business, not necessarily work in the future to be reflected, some may at the University show.

1996, Dai Zhiqing began College life. He is in college grades are excellent, but also a lot of mistakes, often skipping, not doing homework, every exam exam, is a teacher to love and hate. The teacher taught him, he also talked about the defects and What one says is plausible., teacher education and Chinese way, said Chinese education is the cultivation of successors, is not the cultivation of the creator.