Wenzhou Zhejiang willing to Square restaurant chain

The development of

China catering industry has formed a very solid operating system, in which the food is not a few predators, today Xiaobian to recommend a restaurant this project is a strength of the brand, it is willing to Fang restaurant chain

Zhejiang Wenzhou Fang Fang restaurant chain Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, is a chain, the scale of the operation of professional catering enterprises, business involving Chinese, Western restaurants and entertainment industry. The company has continued since 80s since the last century, two Wenzhou famous catering brands: willing to square, wonderful fresh Pavilion, because of its accurate location, elegant environment, attentive service and distinctive cuisine, won a good social reputation.

company based on the principle of "accurate positioning, management norms, people-oriented, set up franchise investment management company, is committed to the chain, standardization, scale and brand management, founded in twenty-first Century Chinese catering industry well-known brands, ushered in a new era of Chinese catering industry.

willing to join the square advantage:

is a business strategy to market square chain and scale, to square will be in the next five years, and actively take direct, join, authorization management, chain store is expected to reach twelve or more, to join the brand to grow.

two is willing to give the concept of standardized management, chain management model as the guiding principle, adhere to professional, standardized operation, improve management efficiency, so that the group headquarters and branch operations.

three is willing to square the brand development strategy, adhere to decentralized management under the unified guidance, unified procurement and distribution, unified financial management, unified training, unified image design, marketing strategy, unified quality management standard.

willing to join the square support:

1, brand, dishes and headquarters to push the new dishes and the company honor.

2, data, standard demonstration shop and construction management, in order to facilitate the design, construction, promotion, to ensure the unity and practicality of the franchise style.

3, to join the organization and training personnel.

4, after receiving the payment, to join the party to prepare goods.

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