Small husband and wife to sell barbecue monthly income

said this summer to what the most profitable, it is definitely a barbecue, the cost is very low but the profit space is very large, this is not a pair of 90 after the young couple opened their own barbecue shop, business booming, monthly income earning million yuan.

they met in the network, within four years of the three part, this year to fruition. From love to marriage, they said, the feelings of the twists and turns to allow them to better understand the meaning of "love". When it comes to marriage, their interpretation is "fate". Even the naked marriage, they believe that the future will be better.

they put a small stalls in Minglun hall, named "small barbecue lovers". He said that the barbecue stalls are open before marriage, so take this name. She is responsible for the guests to choose food, food, he is responsible for baking. The occasional smile, is the best proof of love. Opened more than two months, the monthly net profit of about ten thousand yuan. Health, taste, service is a magic weapon for them to be recognized. He believes that it will be better and better, to her, and her unborn baby, a better tomorrow.

entrepreneurship is the dream of the heart

Xu Liangzhong ran away from home at age 17 in Wenzhou, a shoe factory to do coolie. The beginning of the monthly salary of only 900 yuan, but for the age of 17, he said, this is not a small figure. As time went on, he began to take the apprentice in the factory, became a skilled teacher". By 2013, he had been paid more than 7000 yuan a month.

After all, young

, regardless of the monthly income is 900 yuan or 7000 yuan a month, Xu Liangzhong basically does not have too much surplus. At that time, they play is his greatest pleasure. Now recall the original days in Wenzhou, Xu with a "waste of time" to define.

arguably, workers have more than 7000 yuan in January, is also a good income. Back in Yibin, it’s hard to find a job with his craft. Xu Liangzhong admitted that he may find a job in Yibin about 2000 yuan is difficult. Why did you give up the field work? Is it just love?

can not be a lifetime to work outside, always come back." In Xu Liangzhong’s opinion, migrant workers is not a lifetime, even if the roots, will return to Yibin, and came back to do what, what to do, he has always been thinking about the problem is. See too many migrant workers is quite good, a home on the helpless, and ultimately choose to go back to work in the factory workers, coupled with factors such as education, limiting the Xu Liangzhong as a. He thought that he should take advantage of his youth to go out.

Xiao Juan 16 years old after graduating from junior high school into the community, the salary is also from a few hundred dollars to about 2000 yuan. Age is small, but for the work of commendation