Why in 2014 joined the Chinese fast food have earned

with the life of the people is getting better and better, the development of the food and beverage industry usher in EMU speed. As a branch of the fast food industry, such as rapidly like bamboo shoots after a spring rain. Walking in the city everywhere fast food stores, high streets and back lanes, whether decorating delicate fast-food chain, or the ordinary alley in the snack bar, are popular with old people welcome.

cold end catering   the public fast become the mainstream consumer

"cooking at home is very troublesome, fast-food restaurant a few dollars a meal, meat collocation, basically after twenty minutes, while saving time and convenience of health.   "in the provincial capital of a business unit to work Miss Han told reporters, home from the unit in less than two kilometers away, there are more than and 10 fast-food restaurants.

"as of now, the province’s total number of stores and chain stores have nearly 20 million.  , Deputy Secretary General of the provincial food and Beverage Association, said Xu Ping, fast food industry has become the whole food and beverage industry in the field of "darling"".

"the current food industry is undergoing structural adjustment, transformation and upgrading of the mark, a part of the high-end catering enterprises have avertedtheir target management structure of enterprises at the level of rich, fast food or catering industry." Xu Ping believes that the urbanization rate continues to improve, the pace of people’s lives continue to accelerate the pace of the moment, the rapid growth of the market capacity of the fast food industry, providing a broad space for the development of fast food industry.