Cafe decoration attention to these six points

cafe is a place for everyone to relax, store decoration style is very important, if the decoration is unique to the personality is able to leave a very deep impression on the customer, the natural source will not be too small. I believe every coffee shop owner knows this, so also in the decoration of the brains. Here Xiaobian to give you some coffee shop decoration recommendations.

a, color changeable. Color is not only used in the overall coffee shop decoration design, such as the rendering of the atmosphere, but also in the coffee display counters counter display, we must pay attention to the use of. Under normal circumstances, like most of the coffee to white-collar workers, so the general store store decoration color to the health of the bright and lively warm tone based, so to make more effort in these areas.

two, creating the theme of artistic conception. In the coffee shop decoration design in accordance with the characteristics of the commodity set up a theme, around it to form a set of interior decoration techniques, to create a mood, easy to give consumers a deep feeling and memory. For example, in the coffee shop storefront decoration, designers to create the theme of the work scene, put on the table, flannel tools, lying against is very diverse. Such indoor space, although simple decoration, but the success of the attractiveness of the customer is not weak.

three, decorative cleaning. Under normal circumstances, in the overall decoration, the coffee shop should be transparent glass to do the outer wall. In this way, not only gives people a visual sense of beauty, but also expand the space effect, and give people the impression with bright windows and clean tables. Showcase a concise and elegant elegant fashion, coffee shop storefront renovation renderings can rapidly improve the grade of the coffee shop, but if you do not pay attention to quality, store the overall effect of the product itself and then also have influence on the effect of commercial shops.

Four, repeat motif

. Some specialized in a coffee products store, often use the product logo for decoration, appears repeatedly in the door, wall decoration, display device, packaging bags, strengthen customer impression. Business more varieties of coffee shops can also store a pattern for the repeated application of motif in the decoration, to enhance the customer’s memory.

five, display space. Coffee cabinet must be placed in a prominent position in the shop, so that the product can be effectively advocated advocate. But in the display, in order to maintain a certain distance, do not cause choking feeling. Moreover, we should pay attention to the size of the appropriate collocation, as far as possible to achieve the same volume placed on a level. Vary in size, from large to small, or a large one small arrangement, with a sense of rhythm. Store decoration design, furnishings, not excessive pursuit of quantity and ignore the quality of the display, to maintain a certain distance.

six, flexible change. Consumer trends continue