Guiyang’s first youth entrepreneurial apartments will be completed

a set of office, accommodation, life as one of the new venture platform is widely spread in China, which is the youth entrepreneurship apartment. Recently, Guiyang’s first youth entrepreneurial apartment responsible party said it would complete the construction of the apartment in the first half.

is not only a place to live, but also a business platform. Guiyang, the first set up a special youth entrepreneurial apartments will be completed in the first half of this year, when it will provide a daily life for young entrepreneurs, sharing technology, exchange of creative places.

Business Apartment

nowadays in the State advocates a "public business", "innovation" in the context of entrepreneurship has gradually become a hot word frequency, around the business park, a coffee in their rise to attract young people eyes. Guiyang will invest millions of dollars in high-tech zones Guiyang science and technology building to build such a platform for entrepreneurship.

"compared with other business incubator, our business apartments and maxspace pay more attention on individual" youth torch Guiyang cooperation said Tang Yongtong responsible for the community, the traditional business incubators focus less attention at the enterprise level, individual level, and the youth community mutual aid will be launched more attention in apartment the founders, "not only is the person in charge of enterprises can stay, even the most common enterprise employees can apply for residence."

Business Apartment

After the completion of

, application for entrepreneurs can directly bag check, every business apartment no matter how much the area will have an independent toilet, locker rooms, storage rooms, even the bedding will provide a good room, all of the use of direct drinking water, convenient living all entrepreneurs, hydropower fees will be included in the rent.

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