Business incubator winter is not over uneven in quality provoke controversy

last year, the country have built public record space incubation platform, many entrepreneurs become the favored choice. However, in reality, many of the homogenization of incubators slowly highlights.

"" library "was founded in 4 months, burned about 1000000 yuan, now reduced to only wait for outsiders to end the" land bank "of life…… That taste is the driving force in my life." Before the Spring Festival, Yang Binglong in the circle of friends issued a sad announcement, he is operating in Shenzhen incubator "library" ready to transfer, and ask friends to help forward the search side.

"basement" closed and not an accident. Shenzhen science and technology incubator Temple Market Consultant Li Dongrao witnessed the incubator of the ebb and flow of the first half of 2015, she is located in Shenzhen Nanshan near the buses, billboards everywhere incubator advertising, a building from the top to the basement may have an incubator, and now the circle of friends, the table often heard the story of the incubator closed.

with the "double" tide, in recent years, our country has a lot of new public space, a cafe business, a passenger space incubator. These incubators as a start-up team office space to help them butt capital, held exchanges. However, the problem of serious problems such as the homogeneity of the incubator, the difference of the operator’s ability, the dependence on subsidies, the distance from the location, and so on.

station never filled with a   only two people to participate in


his calculations, calculated according to 800 yuan a month rent a station, if all the rental station full, just can offset the "library" of rent and utilities, and the management team is providing business services and finance advisory services, will become the source of profits.

"but the real operation only to find and think is very different." Yang Binglong felt a lot.

The first is

the occupancy rate is too low. Start-up team for more than 3 to 5 people of small companies, originally expected to be settled in the team of the 20, but the peak of only the team of 10. "The library" is not the rent shares accounted for the business model, but their fame is not big enough for the entrepreneurs of attraction is not high, with the second half of 2015, capital of the cold season, a station needs less entrepreneurial team recommended