nvestment prospects better brand clothing recommended

people’s investment, the most concerned about is a better prospect of the project, the apparel industry is more promising investment projects have? Xiaobian to take stock, hoping to allow more investors to see our recommendations.

A, Dai Siya clothing

Siya Dai dress to join ultra light fiber cotton material produced by advanced raw materials of masks, breathing, fully maintain Dai clothing, never lack yellow, keep fresh fashion underwear, clothing also belongs to the Dai Siya domestic exclusive international patent underwear brand.   Dai clothing Siya full introduction of imports of Taiwan, Germany, Italy and other places of the international first-class advanced production equipment and testing instruments, attracted a large number of professional and technical personnel and management personnel, established a perfect quality management system.

[one] strong professional

[two] varieties

Siya Dai bra, underwear, clothing headquarters existing Home Furnishing clothing, leggings, underwear, vest, underwear and other underwear category, covering almost all the ladies underwear products, rich in style, complete category, and to advance the updating speed of 2012, Korean fashion underwear will open a new era of underwear joining cheryl.

[three] patent

, adhering to the "responsibility of Dai clothing and health company, beautiful and vogue" tenet, with a strong R & D team, advanced technical equipment and first-class production technology, the first in the industry to develop a health care bra physical comprehensive care of female breast, mammary gland disease prevention, and has get practical patent certificate, patent number: ZL  2010  2  0188853.X.

two, lotus clothing