Drinks shop opened in the community can do

is now a lot of people say shop location, the thought of the bustling commercial street, that only here is really a good address, if the shop in the community, I am afraid that the business will not be hot. So, drinks shop in the community can open it? Many people think that the beverage shop next to the community, the business will be much less, in fact, the opposite is next to the community than the commercial street to make money.

but the industry said, in addition to a few competitors, there are several reasons:

first, drink has formed a habit, and now many young people at home do not drink boiled water, pure water, more inclined to drink a variety of drinks, drink special drinks have become a lot of people’s habits. Like convenience stores around the community, in addition to some fast food, tobacco, beverages ranked third in the sales list, indicating that the community needs a lot of drinks.

two is that the community means community business circles. In addition to food and beverage enterprises in the community circle, as well as training institutions, shops, parks, theaters, offices, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, banks…… This represents the passenger flow. These places are actually my potential customers, and the number is not much.

I, for example, Tianjin, Binjiang Road, the most famous commercial street, the highest daily traffic was 200 thousand people, daily traffic is fifty thousand or sixty thousand people, but you know, my surrounding stores (radius of not more than 500 meters) there are 6 mature communities, the total resident population of forty thousand or fifty thousand people if, on the floating population, the total amount of nearly 70 thousand people, that is to say on weekdays I store traffic around the bustling commercial street is still higher than the transaction success rate is also high, natural. I average daily sales of about 600 cups, the average gross profit per cup of about $3.2, this figure will never lose to the bustling commercial street.

so, shop location also need to look at the specific situation, rather than a single think. Bustling commercial street is indeed large traffic, but this does not mean that the community around the shop staff less. So, if you open a beverage shop, the community can naturally.